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  • Mindful Living for Travelers

    A 9-week mindfulness and coaching group program
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    EUR €195.00

Customer reviews

"I participated in the first City Soul Space and I couldn't expect anything better. I loved all the activities and how everything just flowed. The group was very friendly and we all connected pretty well. The mindfulness aspect and working on emotions was definitely an eye-opener and has made me want to learn more thoroughly on the subject. The food was particularly delicious (especially the muffins!). Thanks Jo for creating these spaces in Madrid and I look forward to the next ones!"
English/French Expat living in Spain
"Why would you want to work with Jo specifically? Because she is a good listener and has an open mind. She truly dives into your personal alternative lifestyle and thinks along in directions other people simply can’t grasp. (I’m a digital nomad for 2,5 years now and lot’s of people simply don’t understand why I want this and/or that it can be very difficult sometimes because of seemingly ‘silly’ reasons.) Jo is able to switch between helicopter views so you get a clear understanding of yourself and your life(style) and diving deep into details of your personality, limiting beliefs and other areas in your life that’s holding you back."
Dutch Digital Nomad in her late 20s
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